“Artz”, Emma Garcia


My paintings come out of my love and appreciation of life, humanity, and joy; as well as from the divine gift to see, heal, feel and interpret our reality. I feel that my job as a painter is to interpret our sublime human nature through the beauty of the visual world in as many healing and spiritual ways that can be imagined. I paint to heal and nurture our essence by representing the light and beauty of what surrounds us, be it large or small, real or abstract.

Through my work I like to explore different art and healing techniques and rescue ancient knowledge to move forward with my expressive potential and have a positive impact. I use art to heal my inner child and nurture my curious nature.

I want my work to help heal and encourage others and show them the beautiful light reflections that our soul emanates for the purpose of moving towards the elevation of humanity as one.

‘Artz’ -Emma Garcia