D’Artz Auctions

Laguna Artz LLC makes organizing and managing a fundraising event fun, easy and stress free. We can help you take your fundraising event to the next level at no cost to your organization.

Laguna Artz LLC has access to an ample number of fine art pieces from all over the world and we would love to assist your fundraising efforts and take your events to the next level by integrating a beautiful and distinguished art display that responds to the needs and preferences of your attendees. Laguna Artz LLC offers complete access to our extensive international art collection for your charity auction. With over 30 years of experience in the fine art industry our art and fundraising specialists are able to strategically select the best fine art for your event.

Laguna Artz LLC experts can be present during your event to set up and assist with any inquiries regarding the fine art pieces. We supply professionally designed bid sheets for all the fine art pieces to be auctioned or provide template to be customized to your desired format.
After the conclusion of your event, if the highest bidder chooses not to take their winnings with them, items can be picked up from our Scottsdale office. We can also ship items to the winning bidder for a nominal fee.

There is no cost to your institution and our friendly and knowledgeable art and fundraising experts will provide you with the perfect fine art pieces for your auction. There are no limits on the number of items to be auctioned.

Laguna Artz LLC donates 20% of each opening bid back to your organization and you receive 100% of every dollar bid thereafter.
Thus you are guaranteed to raise funds on every auction item sold. If an item does not sell during your event, the item is returned to Laguna Artz LLC at no charge to you. Our successful program is 100% risk free.

• The opening bid for a piece is set at a $100.00 (one hundred dollars)
• Laguna Artz LLC automatically donates 20% of the opening bid back to you or $20.00 (twenty dollars)
• The piece sells for $500.00 (five hundred dollars)
• Your institution receives $420.00 (four hundred and twenty dollars and Laguna Artz LLC receives $80.00 (eighty dollars)

The Laguna Artz LLC team works behind the scenes to make the art auction during your fundraising events simple and free of extra efforts.
Laguna Artz LLC is a multicultural institution, which provides art education back to the community, groups or individuals. We are also involved in the development of art programs for children, youth and adults.
We focus on community enrichment and collaboration through art and by creating strategic partnerships with fellow art organizations.