2017 DACArt Artist Proposal

2017 Art is an affair centered on the DACA recipients and their need to renew their application by Oct 5. The event is designed, not only to help them raise renewal funds, but also to support the community. The event provides guests with a chance to experience a variety of cultures through local art, food, music and an opportunity to be part of fun classes, activities and mingle with artists. All proceeds go towards DACA applicants. No entry fee.

Artist Proposal/Request:

2017 Art would be honored to feature your art at DACArt on September 22nd. We are looking for up to 8 artists to exhibit their art throughout this evening. We humbly request that you consider the following:

-Display 3 pieces during the event (modest price range would be best)

-Donate 30% of the proceeds to the 2017 DACArt fund

-Agree to permit 2017 Art to include artist name on marketing materials


-Be recognized as a featured artist for 2017 DACArt

-Special features on our social media posts

-Receive a letter of contribution from CAIR.org

Contact: If you are interested please submit your info @http://bit.ly/2fiosLx

-Please contact Emma Garcia at lagunaartz@me.com for further questions.