Self Esteem Through Art


LA Self Esteem Through Art will bring beauty, self-discovery, self empowerment and creativity back into youth’s worlds, one workshop at a time.

We use assorted art mediums, such as photography, journaling, scrapbooking, etc., to help youth find their way through challenging educational and personal times.
This program was designed for the youth ready to embark on self discovery and self improvement. For those interested on developing their leadership skills we adapt workshops to assist them.
In our workshops we acknowledge the importance that creative outlets can have in a young person’s self discovery process.
Bearing witness to the healing effects of self discovery through creativity, our team conducts the unique Laguna Artz Self Esteem Through Art program.
LA (Laguna Artz) Self Esteem Through Art started as a small pilot program geared towards homeless youth placed in shelters. The goal of the initial program was to let youth know that, in spite of the circumstances, they were perfect just the way they were and that they had unlimited potential.
In our workshops the individual is given the opportunity to recognize — and celebrate — their own personal uniqueness. We encourage our participants to recognize that they all have a story and that it is OK to share it, own it and love it. Their story can be the most amazing beginning for self made success.
During the workshops we discuss issues such as bullying, random acts of kindness (giving – receiving), self empowerment (love yourself), etc…
The response to Self Esteem Through Art tends to be extremely positive and we continue to evolve and grow with the ultimate intent to incorporate other areas of development and expand the current population we serve.