Commission Art

Commission Art with Laguna Artz LLC

We specialize in 2D but can also work on 3D art pieces needed for commercial and/or individual purpose. We work with your needs and budget. Our art commissions will respond 100% to your needs and time lines. Our artists are extremely respectful, professional and easy to work with.

How to schedule a commission

Contact: Emma Garcia @ Laguna Artz, LLC


Direct: 480.417.3994


  • Describe: All commissions are scheduled as customer requests where you tell us what you want using various descriptive generic keywords including title, topic, styles or features and type work (2D, 3D size, materials, etc). You can also upload references to best describe your art piece.
    If you have a definite budget, we can work with you on a minimum and maximum price basis.
    As soon as you decide to schedule a commission we will send an invoice where 50% of the cost is collected before the start date and 50% upon completion.
  • Invoice: Before commissioning we go over the terms of service of the artist, the response time of the artist, and we make sure that the average completion time fits your schedule. All other details are also observed and discussed.